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Updated: Dec 4, 2017

My name is Ashea, and I am asking for your support in raising £31,000. I have triple negative breast cancer. Only 15% of all breast cancer are triple negative which is particularly prevalent in women of colour.

About us:

On 26th June 2015, I buried my father who died from lung cancer. Sadly, I was diagnosed with my cancer on the 26th June this year. I loved my dad, (I was a real daddy’s girl.) His death left my family and I devastated, particularly my daughters for whom he was everything a Grandfather should be and more.

Having had the privilege of raising the three most amazing daughters (don’t tell them that I said that,) I was also blessed last year with a beautiful granddaughter. Her smile, strength and determination melt my heart every day. Her arrival helped us to heal as a family following the loss of my father. The news that I too have cancer is devastating, not just for me but for my already grieving family.

As the oldest of my siblings, I try to live up to this expectation, leading from the front and providing the strength that we often need to face the things that come at us in life. For my daughters, I am always that constant nagging voice that steers them toward the right choices (although they might not always see it that way.) My girls and I are a team. I do not want them to experience that crippling pain, heartache and unbearable sense of loss, that they will feel, if they lose me. Particularly since its only been a short space of time since losing their grandfather.

“My daughters watched my father die, I do not want them to watch me die in the same way.”

My father was originally misdiagnosed that his long bout of ill health was due to his lack of control over his type 2 diabetes and was encouraged to ensure that his sugar levels were kept in line with the recommended guidelines. By the time cancer was actually diagnosed as the underlying reason for his long bout of ill health, it had spread from his lungs to his stomach, kidneys and bones. He died 8 weeks later. Similarly, I too had the misfortune of misdiagnosis. I was originally mistakenly told that the lump growing inside my left breast was a lump of tissue. The tumour now measures 20 cm by 14 cm.

Due to its aggressive nature and size, the only form of conventional treatment that is available to me, is 6 rounds of the strongest type of chemotherapy, followed by a Mastectomy and 3 months of radiotherapy. The misdiagnosis of my father’s illness and my own, understandably, has lead me to seek other opinions and undertake my own research. I was determined to get myself fully informed as to the nature of my cancer and how to treat it.

"The effect on the immune system from chemotherapy treatment can be devastating, with potential long term irreversible effects, that makes fighting possible recurrence almost impossible "

Having extensively researched both conventional and alternative treatments over the past 4 months, I have found that chemotherapy destroys the immune system and has long term effects on the body and vital organs such as the heart and lungs. As chemotherapy medicines cannot tell the difference between healthy cells and cancer cells it destroys them all including the white blood cells that support the immune system. The immune system is fundamental in the fight against all infections within the body and can fight cancer if it is at its optimal best. The surgery that follows to remove the breast, following chemotherapy, at a time when the immune system is at its weakest does not help in preventing recurrence, which is what I am desperate to avoid as statistically, triple negative cancer is more likely to return within a couple of years of standard treatment, when compared with other types of cancer.

As well as the nausea, and crippling pain and side effects of chemotherapy, I admit that the thought of losing my hair followed by my breast is scary, particularly if it doesn’t mean that I will be cured. I have met amazing strong women that having taken the conventional route and have come out the other side of chemotherapy and are surviving. However, the crucial point, is that they may have taken an alternative treatment route had they been supported in that decision, and had the information been available for them to make such an informed choice.

Alternative treatment choice’s

Having explored alternative treatments for my cancer, rebooting my immune system and keeping it boosted will give my body the tools to fight and cure itself of it. Luckily, I have discovered there are many ways that this can be achieved. In my case, this can be done through diet, supplements and clinical treatment that use a number of techniques to naturally stimulate the immune system and boost it into action.

“I need to cure this cancer and not just treat it.”

Moving away from conventional treatment has not been an easy decision and this decision has not always been met positively. It has also meant all my chosen methods of treatment have to be privately funded.

I am asking for help to be able to undergo my preferred choice of treatment.

I have found a consultancy here in the UK who is able to provide this type of treatment, initially during two intensive week-long courses.

The treatment philosophy

The approach is to help whole body healing using multiple natural modalities and particularly thermal regulation imaging as a key risk indicator associated with metabolic function and the status of physiology, as well as a tool to help identify sources of inflammation and to monitor natural risk-reversal interventions. Treatment includes, micro-nutrients, hypothermia, and ozone therapy.

A breakdown of costs;

2x courses of treatment £22,180

Supplementation and follow up treatments £8,820

I hope that by taking this route and pursuing my choice of treatment, that I will heal and in doing so, help others that find themselves in my position to be able to have a choice of which treatment path they follow.

How to make a donation

You can make a donation directly to my page here

Keeping in touch

This blog will follow my journey from my point of view and that of my daughters, family, and friends. You will receive updates following my clinical visits, with regular updates as to the size of my tumour as I progress. It will detail, my diet, supplements, what I take and when. How I feel and why.

This treatment will improve my chances of curing this cancer, and offers a greatly reduced risk of recurrence, without the damaging long term effects, giving me a better quality outlook for the future.

With the help and support of the GoFund me community, my family and friends I can beat this. I just need the tools and the appropriate support to help me to beat my cancer, so that I can stay with my girls whom I love so very, very much.

My Cancer and I - 14th October 2017

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